Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Airplay Music from iPhone to Windows Computer via Bluetooth?

Airplay Music, A.K.A. AirTunes, is part of proprietary AirPlay protocol stack developed by Apple Inc. It is designed to use UDP and RTSP network control protocol for streaming audio over IP network.  So far, Airplay can only be used between airplay-enabled Apple devices and/or licensed third-party audio equipments.  As such, to AirPlay music from your iPhone to a Windows laptop, you need an AirPlay audio bridge like Apple AirPort Express.  In this blog, I want to show you that you can do the same thing via a Bluetooth connection instead of an AirPlay audio bridge.  And it, indeed, is very simple.

Most likely your Windows computer comes with a Broadcom Bluetooth chipset.  You can confirm this through the device management application of Windows.  If this is the case, go to Broadcom Bluetooth Software Download and download updated Bluetooth for Windows software.  

After install the updated Bluetooth software, you should be able to pair your iPhone to the computer.  Then, you can AirPlay music from your iPhone to the computer.