Friday, December 16, 2011

Work or Study Item List for LTE Release 11: LTE 2 Advanced ?

Evolving Random Access Channel
What Is The Next for Mobile System Design?
How Much Feedback Is Enough for MIMO?
How to Broadcast Multimedia Contents?
Interference Cancellation: A Short Overview
Location Based Services for Mobiles

From Chair's notes, there are more than 40 work or study items proposed for enhancing LTE Advanced or  both LTE-Advanced and HSPA. They will be completed by September 2012.
  1. Further Enhanced Non CA-based ICIC for LTE
  2. LTE Carrier Aggregation Enhancements
  3. Study on Coordinated Multi-Point Operation for LTE
  4. Study on Enhanced Uplink Transmission for LTE
  5. Study on further Downlink MIMO enhancements for LTE-Advanced
  6. Study on Further Enhancements to LTE TDD for DL-UL Interference Management and Traffic Adaptation
  7. Coordinated Multi-Point Operation for LTE
  8. Provision of low-cost MTC UEs based on LTE
  9. Proposed SI on LTE Coverage Enhancements
  10. Improvements to LTE Relay Backhaul
  11. Study on LTE Device to Device Discovery and Communication - Radio Aspects
  12. Network-Based Positioning Support for LTE
  13. Service continuity and location information for MBMS for LTE
  14. LTE RAN Enhancements for Diverse Data Applications
  15. Study on signaling and procedure for interference avoidance for in-device coexistence
  16. Study on HetNet mobility enhancements for LTE
  17. Study on RAN improvements for Machine-Type Communications
  18. RAN overload control for Machine-Type Communications
  19. Study Item on Further RAN Improvements for Machine-type Communications
  20. study item proposal for LTE and HSDPA Carrier Aggregation
  21. Enhancement of Minimization of Drive Tests for E-UTRAN and UTRAN
  22. Signalling and procedure for interference avoidance for in-device coexistence
  23. Study Item Proposal for Opportunistic Carrier Aggregation across 3GPP-LTE and WLAN
  24. Carrier based HetNet ICIC for LTE
  25. Study on further enhancements for HNB and HeNB
  26. LIPA Mobility and SIPTO at the Local Network RAN Completion
  27. Further Self Optimizing Networks (SON) Enhancements
  28. SI: Mobile Relay for E-UTRA
  29. Network Energy Saving for E-UTRAN
  30. UE Over the Air (Antenna) conformance testing methodology- Laptop Mounted Equipment Free Space test
  31. UE demodulation performance requirements under multiple-cell scenario for 1.28Mcps TDD
  32. Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA – Open Loop
  33. Non-contiguous 4C-HSDPA operation
  34. Study on Measurement of Radiated Performance for MIMO and multi-antenna reception for HSPA and LTE terminals
  35. Study on Inclusion of RF Pattern Matching Technologies as a positioning method in the E-UTRAN
  36. Relays for LTE (part 2)
  37. Enhanced performance requirement for LTE UE
  38. Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Requirements for Multi-Standard Mobile Terminals and Ancillary Equipment
  39. SI: Passive InterModulation (PIM) handling for Base Stations
  40. E-UTRA medium range and MSR medium range/local area BS class requirements
  41. SI: Study of RF and EMC Requirements for Active Antenna Array System (AAS) Base Station
  42. RF Requirements for Multi-band and Multi-standard Radio (MB-MSR) Base Station
There are additional 11 work or study items for further enhancing HSPA itself.
  1. Eight carrier HSDPA
  2. Uplink Transmit Diversity for HSPA – Closed Loop
  3. Study on Uplink MIMO
  4. Study on HSDPA multipoint transmission
  5. Study item on HSPA enhancement for LCR TDD
  6. Four Branch MIMO transmission for HSDPA
  7. Uplink MIMO with 64QAM for HSUPA
  8. Further Enhancements to CELL_FACH
  9. HSDPA Multiflow Data Transmission
  10. Single Radio Voice Call Continuity from UTRAN/GERAN to E-UTRAN/HSPA
  11. SID: Introduction of Hand phantoms for UE OTA antenna testing

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